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2022 Worship Planning Retreat

For more than twenty years, Lake Harbor has taken a collaborative approach to planning worship. Planning for a whole year just takes this collaborative process to the next level, something that we  have done annually since 2017.

Each retreat’s success was due largely to the work done prior to the retreat. We sought input using prompts from an article, “Planning One Year of Big Idea Sermons” by Dave Ferguson. Members recalled the conversations they have had with people in and outside the church. What needs to be addressed? What needs are not being talked about, but should be? How can we approach seasonal series, like Lent and Advent, in a fresh way? What ideas can we glean from other churches and adapt them to Lake Harbor?

Our goal is to plan worship for one year, starting with Advent 2022 and going through November 2022. A single yet to be determined year-long theme will drive the planning. Please prepare by reading the background information* below and anything else that will help you prepare.

*LHUMC Worship Retreat Preparation 2022 last updated 8/30/22

Lake Harbor UMC Sermon Series 2022 last updated 8/26/22

Worship Planning Retreat Agenda Sept 2022 last updated 8/30/22

Faith in Films 2022 last updated 8/30/22

Behind the Scenes

Five Lesser-Known Children’s Fantasy Series That Point to the Gospel | Christianity Today

Hacking Christianity

Having Words with Jesus

I Needed a Tiny Shell

Learning to Love Our Neighbor’s Fears

Let’s Talk About Race like Believers, Not Babel-ers

Metaphors for Ministry | Preaching Today

Mother Daughter book list

Sermon Series ideas from Pastor Mary’s colleagues

The Power of Testimony | Small Groups 6-2-22

The Shoe that Grows

Theology for God’s People

What the Early Church Can Teach Us about Living in This Strange New World

This is what we came up with:

2023 Worship last updated 9-27-22