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April 5, 2020 message: “Barabbas – A Place for the Mistaken”

What do you think when you hitch your wagon to the wrong star? When you take the wrong path? When you think you are absolutely right, but you are not?

This is the sixth week in our Lenten series, “A Place at the Table.” Pastor Mary’s Palm Sunday message is based on Matthew 27: 15-26. To read it, click here.

We all know what happens to Jesus after the crowd chooses him for crucifixion. But rarely do we consider what happened to Barabbas. Watch this interpretation of what Barabbas must have been contending with.

We might not be able to gather in worship on Sunday while the corona virus is a threat, but we can still share our God moments.

You can call or email the church office if you have God moments to share from this week. The 10:00 am service is both posted on YouTube and FaceBook.

Worship services will be on FaceBook live at 10:00 am and posted to YouTube after worship through the end of April. Thank you for your patience and understanding.