Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

October 2, 2022 message: “Just Love”

Half Truth #5: Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Flip the script: Love your neighbor. Love your enemy. Love one another as Jesus loves you.

Jesus is God Incarnate, came to save sinners, and calls us to love God and one another. As soon as we pay more attention others’ sin rather than focusing on our own, we’re moving to a place of judgment and self-righteous, which we’re warned not to do. Instead, we can follow Jesus and focus on God’s forgiveness and grace for ourselves and others. “Love God’s Way,” reminds us of that.

This is the fifth and final week in the series, “Half Truths.” Pastor Mary’s message is based on Matthew 7: 1-5 and Romans 3: 21-26. To read it, click here.

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