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April 3, 2016 message: “Believing Is Seeing”

This is the first of four messages in the new series, “Hidden in Plain Sight.” We’ll see that the truth and joy of resurrection are confirmed as the disciples see Jesus again and believe. Jesus meets them where they are and guides them in next steps. Beyond seeing him and believing, he speaks to them with the expectation that they will listen to him.

Jimmy Epplett opened the series with a message based on John 20: 19-31. Doubt. We all have it and use it and it stops us from seeing and experiencing things. Thomas doubted until he saw with his own eyes! But we need to believe before we can truly see the amazingness of God. What do we believe and what does that allow us to see? He used a clip from “Santa Clause 2” to illustrate how children don’t have to see something to believe in it and this JESUS puzzle. Please contact the church office at 231-798-2181 or lakeharbor@aol.com if you would like a DVD of his message.

Hidden 4-3-16 Believing 1Jesus puzzle - black & white