Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

2014 Advent and Christmas series: “Christ Comes!”

Our focus throughout Advent and Christmas will be on prophets – from Isaiah and Mary and back to Isaiah.  The prophet’s main role was to act as a social critic, not tell the future.  Prophets are ordinary people, who are called to say many things people do not want to hear.

The Book of Isaiah covers a long time span – from exile to back home again.  All the while, Isaiah stands between God and the people offering a word that’s both challenging and hopeful when hope was in short supply – something that still rings true today.

In Advent, as we stand in the middle of cultural Christmas overload long before December 25, how do we make use of Advent as a time to prepare for Jesus’ coming?  How do we hear the challenge of the prophet along with the hope he offers?  Mary comes in the middle of it all with a song that speaks of revolution – something new is happening, and she’s a part of it!  Isaiah, Elizabeth, and Mary speak to us and encourage us to speak up for God too.

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