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Readiness 360 Survey Results

The Vital Church Initiative Team has just wrapped up our self-study.  In the fall, many members were involved in the Bible Study and message series, “Does Your Church Have a Prayer?” and responded to each week’s questionnaire.  More recently, 117 people responded to the Readiness 360–a good turnout out in spite of some arctic cold weather that brought many activities to a halt early last week.  The results of questionnaires and the survey will give the Consultation Team an assessment of our readiness to reach out to new persons as well as our readiness to take risks in order to enhance the effectiveness of our ministry.

You can see the results of the Readiness 360 survey by clicking on the links below.

The Readiness 360 – LHUMC News Release is a one-page summary of the findings.

The Readiness 360 – LHUMC Executive Report is a ten-page report of the findings, a fuller description of the four “capacities,” and tips for our leaders.

The Readiness 360 – LHUMC Complete Report is a twenty-four page report.  It includes all of the information shown above as well as the written responses and how different people’s perspectives vary by role, generation, longevity at Lake Harbor.

All of this work is preparing us for the Consultation Weekend which is Friday, January 31 through Sunday, February 2.  The consultation will involve all of us.  If you care about the vitality and future of our ministry, we strongly encourage you to participate.  Call the church at 231-798-8431 for more details.  A sign-up sheet for the Saturday workshop is available at church.

Your Vital Ministry Team,

Karen Booth, Glenn Chilson, Gary Cooper, Brad Dean, Annette Erbes, Mark Erbes, Mary Hubbell, Jim Post, Ron Zuker, and Vicki Zuker