Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

April 3, 2022 message: “On Waiting and Hoping”

As we journey closer to Holy Week, this psalm is a cry from the depths of pain or despair. There is no clear resolution, no clear fix to the brokenness; the separation still abides. And yet, there is hope.  There is confidence, even from a position of pain, that resolution is at hand. There is a trust that even in suffering, Jesus knows us deeply. “Our Mess, God’s Masterpiece” helps us see that.

This is the fifth week in our Lenten worship series, “Selah: Life in a Minor Key.” Rev. Kim Bos’ message is based on Psalm 130. To read it, click here.

The 9 am and 11 am worship services are available in their entirety on YouTube.