Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

April 4, 2021 message: “The Garden at Dawn: A Hopeful Vision”

Resurrection calls us to claim the hope that is always with us as people whose faith is in Jesus Christ. God offers a hopeful vision for new life right now and eternal life in God’s love and care.

This is the final week in the series, “The Grace of Les Mis√©rables.” Today’s focus is on the garden at dawn and Les Mis’ “Finale.”

Pastor Mary’s Easter message is based on John 20: 1-18, “The Empty Tomb,” Genesis 2: 8-10, 15, “The Garden of Eden,” and Revelation 22: 1-3, “The Garden Restored.” To read it, click here.

The service is available in its entirety on FaceBook and YouTube.