Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

June 7, 2020 message: “The Only Thing We Have to Fear…”

Fear and worry are a reality for everyone – no one is exempt. But these don’t have to control and dictate how we live every day. We can trust in God’s presence and care for us – and in God’s promise to walk with us and guide us through times of trouble.

This is the first week in the series, “Unafraid,” based on Adam Hamilton’s book of the same name. “Blessings in the Chaos” was the centering video. This week’s scripture readings are Isaiah 40: 28-31 and Psalm 27. To read Pastor Mary’s message, click here. Click here to watch the clip from FDR’s 1933 inaugural address and here for “Credo.” You can watch the service in its entirety on FaceBook and YouTube.

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