Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

November 3, 2019 message: “God and Suffering”

Most of us struggle with the questions of “why?” at one time or another. Whether it’s the pain of death, our own life situation or someone else close to us, whether it’s an overwhelming global problem like hunger and violence, or whether it’s the reality that some people have faced hardship that we cannot imagine, we want to know why things happen the way they do. And our faith plays a role, too. We’re forced to confront what we believe about God, what is true about God, and how that fits together or doesn’t. This November series will challenge us to ask the hard questions and hopefully find some answers.

Pastor Mary’s first message in the series is on God and suffering. Suffering is a human experience and always raises spiritual questions. From Job to Jesus, grief is a touch point of suffering and time when we as “Why?” How do we view suffering for what it is – not God’s doing – but part of being human and living life with the promise of God’s presence and care?

Pastor Mary’s message is based on Job 1: 20-22, 42: 1-8 and John 11: 32-37. To read it, click here. For an interesting look at walking through the valleys of life, watch “Mourning Booth.”