Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

Oct. 12, 2019 Workshop: “Practical Tips for Building a Successful Worship Team”

It took several years to get the Lake Harbor UMC Worship Teams moving in the right direction. During this session, we will cover the kinds of things we wish we had known from the start: how to develop a team; working with what God has given us; team guidelines; resources; useful supplies; journaling; and setting a realistic budget.

Participants will receive several handouts (shown in red, below) and a good bag of hands-on items. The other handouts, shown in blue, are referenced. You are welcome to share the following information with members of your church:

#1 Elements of a Successful Worship Connections Team  These videos will be shared at the workshop:

Our team’s worship brainstorming “advertisement”:

The fifth, sixth, and seventh graders’ “Good Sam” video:

And our version of Psalm 34:

#2 Worship Connections Team Guidelines Pages 1,2,8,9 will be available at the workshop. This is the document in its entirety.

#3 Worship Supplies

#4 Worship Committee 2020 Budget Proposal

#5 Developing Worship Themes – Designing Worship for All Kinds of Kinds Page 1 will be available at the workshop. This is the document in its entirety as presented at the October 2016 FUMMWA Workshop and February 2017 Kalamazoo District Conference.

#6 Developing Worship Themes – Take Home Items

Here are two examples of things that we’ve used in worship at Lake Harbor:

Colt Owner Palm Sunday Skit

Prayer Beads and Full Circle Prayer

To learn more about planning worship for a year, read “Planning-One-Year-of-Big-Idea-Sermons” and “Developing-a-Big-Idea-Series-and-Sermon“. Additional information is available about our October 2017, September 2018, and September 2019 planning retreats.