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May 12, 2019 message: “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice – STOP GOSSIP”

These are good words we hear parents and other who offer good advice about how we speak, but we struggle to keep our mouths (and sometimes our fingers) from spreading rumors and lies. How does gossip compromise our witness and hurt those around us?

This is Pastor Mary’s first message in the series, “Stop It! (In the Name of Love).” Philippians 2: 1-18 is our guiding scripture. This message is also based on Philippians 4: 4-9 and James 1: 19-27. To read it, click here. Click here to watch “Gossip.”

Pastor Mary did not refer to it in her message, but “A Caution to ‘Nice’ Christians” by Scott Sauls from the May 1, 2019 edition of Christianity Today offers an interesting take on holding ourselves and other accountable for our behavior.