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Faith in Films 2019: Brainstorming is January 21, 2019

“Faith in Films 2019”
2019 theme: Love God and love your neighbor

We looked at four films for this season of Epiphany when we celebrate God coming in Jesus to bring salvation for all of the world. Each of them includes music as a theme and/or message. Where do we see themes of salvation, redemption, and hope in recent films? And how do those themes challenge us to pay closer attention to our overall theme of “loving God and neighbor?”

Members were asked to read the scripture and message summary for each week (February 24 information found here) and preview the video trailers if at all possible before the brainstorming. Click here to see what the group came up with and here for Erick Carter’s “Incomplete Without You: The Church and People with Disabilities” handout.

Mary Poppins Returns

Green Book

The Greatest Showman

I Can Only Imagine