Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

March 19, 2017 message: “Giving Up Superiority”

Jesus broke all kinds of social conventions by speaking to a woman in public, a Samaritan no less, whose own life was such a mess that it could have really messed up Jesus’ reputation as a holy man. But Jesus brought his message of grace and freedom to the woman, knowing that in her humility, she would actually hear and respond, while the religious people were too busy and self-important to hear. God doesn’t care about any of the artificial lines we draw to make ourselves feel superior to other. If we let go of our status symbols and judgmental attitudes, we too can hear Jesus’ call more clearly and respond more faithfully.

To read Pastor Mary’s message, based on John 4: 5-42, click here. For two very different and interesting perspectives on how people respond to Jesus’ call, watch “Spoken Word: Woman at the Well” and “I Am a Christian.”