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September 18, 2016: “A Christian Response to Extremism”

Extremists exist in every religious tradition, including Christianity. In Scripture, specifically in the Old Testament, we may struggle with the stories of leaders killing other groups and condoning genocide. Still today, there are those who claim to follow Jesus and seek violence in his name. If we hear God’s call that says, “Do not be afraid,” how does it change our response to terror in our country and around the world? With Paul’s words to the Romans as our guide, how do we seek peace today?

We opened worship with “Like Me.” To read Pastor Mary’s message, based on Romans 12: 14-21, click here.

christian-response-to-extremism-1For several weeks we have recorded members’ responses to these questions, “What do you like about Lake Harbor?” and “Where do you see God in your life?” See what several members have to say in our final video, below.