Welcoming All, Empowered by Christ, Sent Forth to Serve

September 27, 2015 message: “Know Your Own Story – And Tell It!”

Taking the time to write down our story in a way that makes it easy to tell is important as we seek to make disciples. Our story is unique, and God is glorified through our story. Sharing faith with honesty and integrity helps others to know God’s grace, and telling our faith story helps us to grow in faith.

Today’s message is based on Galatians 1: 13-24, “Paul Called by God.” To read Pastor Mary’s message, click here.

The E Word Know & Tell 1We also shared ten workplace evangelism ideas:

  1. INVITE people over to watch a SPORTS GAME.
  2. Go out to LUNCH with a CO-WORKER.
  3. Go to WORK FUNCTIONS, like a Christmas Party.
  4. Invite a co-worker to a NON-THREATENING CHURCH EVENT such as a service project.
  5. FIND A HOBBY and invite others to join you.
  7. KEEP A SUPPLY of chocolate on your desk. It’s amazing how many people will stop by.
  9. BE HONEST ABOUT WHAT YOU DID OVER THE WEEKEND. If you went to church, include that in your answer to the question, “How was your weekend?”
  10. ARRIVE EARLY AND SPEND THE FIRST 5 MINUTES of your workday in prayer.