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Designs on Worship Follow-Up

Thank you to everyone who attended the October 17 Worship Workshop at Lake Harbor UMC. We were delighted to host the event. If you have questions you are welcome to contact member of our team:

Pastor Mary Ivanov: mary_ivanov@hotmail.com
Karen Booth: kwbooth@comcast.net
Barb Gripton: bgripton@pathwaynet.com
Betty Kinney: bettykinney@hotmail.com
Karen Post: kpost@fruitportschools.net
Lynne Richmond: lynandlid@aol.com
Diane Thompson: diane.sj.thompson@gmail.com
Vicki Zuker: zukerr@comcast.net

We would be more than happy to talk about letting you use (or buy) many of the items we had on display for a very reasonable cost.

Here are the handouts and scripts from the workshop:

Session #1: Elements of a Successful Worship Connections Team

Elements of a Successful Worship Connections Team

God uses all kinds of people to plan worship. See who he uses at Lake Harbor:

Pastor Mary talks about her role as a pastor:

Pastor Mary talks about planning worship as a team:

Worship Connections Team Guidelines

Worship Supplies

Sample Budget

 Session #2: Developing Worship Themes

Designing Worship for All Kinds of Kinds

Take Home Items

Colt Owner Palm Sunday Skit

Job – A Man Devoted to God (CEV 5 people)

Job – A Man Devoted to God (CEV 7 people)

All Things New 5-12-13

Session #3: Now What?!

Now What – Learning from Experience