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“Sinning like a Christian: The Good News”

9781426758232Sinning like a Christian reminds us that sin isn’t just outside of us. Sin isn’t something we should be concerned about in others; it’s pervasive and very much alive in us, too. For as much as we celebrate God’s grace, the reason we need grace is because we sin.

Join us in worship as we take a look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues.

July 19: “Let’s Be Honest: We Sin”

July 26: “Pride or Humility?”

August 2: “Envy or Kindness?”

August 9: “Anger or Forgiveness?”

August 16: “Sloth or Diligence?”

August 23: “Greed or Generosity?”

August 30: “Gluttony or Moderation?”

September 6: “Lust or Purity?”

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