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VCI Team Descriptions


Thank you, Lake Harbor UMC, for your support!

Our Vital Church Initiative Consultation Report’s prescriptions passed by a vote of 92-17!!!  We are excited to get started and have begun forming teams to work on each prescription.  Abbreviated descriptions of the teams can be found below; more detailed information can be found in the Consultation Report.  If you would like to become part of a team, please contact Pastor Mark as soon as possible.

Worship Evaluation Team

This team will improve the quality of worship and create contact points with God.   The ways that they will accomplish this include; reviewing the Mystery Guest Report, visit 3 churches that have effective worship for those under age 50, and work on having more experiential and participatory worship experiences.

To be established by March 24, 2014

Celebration Assessment Team

This team will review the Mystery Guest Report , find ways to make Celebration Service more inviting and comfortable with the possibility of finding another space to meet and visit 3 churches that have effective worship for those under age 50.

To be established by March 25, 2014

Pathways for Discipleship Team

This team will create a clear discipleship path for moving people from where they are on their spiritual journey to living their faith daily as fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.  This will be a plan for new guests and current members.

To be established by April 2, 2014

First Impressions Team

This team will focus on creating a culture of radical hospitality.  They will work on greeter training, recruit & train Welcome Center hosts, update the website, de-clutter the entire church, work on a consistent quality of decor and ensure a safe & healthy nursery.

To be established by June 1, 2014

Facilities Upgrade Team

This team will work on signage both inside and outside, look at ways to enclose the nursery to separate it from the music area, and they may look at the overall usage of space in the church.

To be established by May 3, 2014